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Play in normal or hard level to have more fun.

Easy mode is just for babies. When you destroy a car in easy difficulty, it is not replaced with a new one. On large maps this detail can make the game boring at the end because once you've killed all enemies you just run on an empty world which presents no incentive. In addition, there are very few enemies in easy mode.

Hint: You can play in easy mode to learn the controls but we strongly recommend to increase the difficulty starting again.

Note: You cannot change the difficulty once you have finished your first level.


Destroying lots of foes gives you money. The price of one missile is 50 coins but you get 100 coins for every enemy car terminated. If you are a good shooter you can earn thousands of points. In our Hall of Fame you can see the best ones.

The enemies

Enemy cars have two types of behavior. They are programmed to pursuit you when they are around but sometime they decide to run in opposite direction if they see you. Cars going towards you are very dangerous. We recommend you to have your finger near the missile button.

Sometimes you can find two or three cars running together, at the same direction. This is very good for you because you can destroy then with just a single shoot.

Weapons and strategy

You'll love mines!! Enemies can't detect or avoid them. They are a funny weapon if you use it wisely. Put them everywhere and forget their location. Suddenly you'll notice increasing your money. When a foe in a distant part of the maps runs over a mine you gain 100 coins.

Hint: Leave a bunch of mines in crossroads or main highways with severe traffic.

New game: Are you able to finish the game just using mines?
We suggests gather all energy power modules so you'll get an extra bonus. The money obtained in this extra bonus is calculated considering the difficulty and higher level you are playing.

Hint: You can finish all maps quickly if you go by the outside road. In all levels there is a road along the outside perimeter of the maze where is easy to reach the objects you must get to finish your mission.

The score

At the top of the screen you have all data of interest.

  • $: Total money you have.
  • DV: Devices remaining to finish your mission. Usually you have to gather 8 per map.
  • MS: Missiles remaining.
  • MN: Mines remaining.
  • REST: Energy modules remaining in that map. If you reach 0 you'll get a bonus money. The amount depends of the high level you are and the difficulty you have chosen at the beginning of the game.




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