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IPhone/iPod game

Are you tired of space shooter games impossible to finish? We too! So we launched Galaxy Mystery. An exciting game with loads of foes, explosions and scenarios but so easy that you'll become addicted. Thanks to the enormous amount of capsule rewards you will able to reach the end of each level with lots of points, upgrades and your spaceship almost intact.


There is a mysterious quadrant in the Universe, protected by drones, and uncharted by humans. The Federation of Planets hired you to free this zone of evil machines, whose only objective seems to be to destroy anything that moves.

You are a mercenary, and thus will receive money for each destroyed robot. But above all, you will be the first to reveal the mystery hidden in that corner of space.

The Game

  • More than 40 game levels in a solo-campaign.

  • More than 20 different enemy ships.

  • 3 kinds of combat ship.
  • Face the super-villains and earn lots of points.
  • Capture the enhancement module of each level.






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