Do you have some free time and you like puzzles?

zzKroc is then your entertainment. Available for iPhone / iPod and iPad.

Choose the picture you like, select the difficulty level and place the pieces into the right position with a simple tap.

zzKroc has been designed to entertain adults but also to stimulate search, attention and linking skills in children.

There are hint buttons in the game to assist the player in solving the puzzles very easily. The player will find several tips that will offer support in every round. You can enable or disable them at will.


Help buttons

By clicking on the apple icon, the final image will be displayed so the player can use it as a model to solve the puzzle.
By clicking on the aid box the order in which pieces go is shown using numbers. In each piece it is displayed a small number indicating the number of sorted pieces and under it a large number shows the right place of each piece. The great and the small number should match.
This button displays behind the selected piece, the part that goes into that position. During the seconds it takes the displacement of parts, the player may look at the selected spot and search around the board. This option is ideal for children so they can learn to find and difficult to relate figures.
This button turns the music on/off.
This button turns the information about the picture on/off.
This button sends you back to the main menu.

Note: The game is quite attractive to adults. Without the support of the help buttons the game can provide hours of entertainment solving difficult puzzles.


Game Screenshots


Choose your puzzle


Move the pieces


Several difficulty modes

Beautiful images






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